Pandemic Action Ambassadors

Pandemic Action Ambassadors

Amplifying the voices of people around the world to end the COVID-19 crisis and advance pandemic preparedness.

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As COVID-19 continued to rage around the world, leaders had yet to take the bold actions needed to end the crisis for everyone and ensure we are better prepared and protected from future pandemic threats.

That’s why we created the Pandemic Action Network Ambassadors Program.

Pandemic Action Ambassadors came in many forms —those who worked on the frontlines, parents balancing child care alongside their day job, people who had lost loved ones, people who lost livelihoods, and those who saw the impact of political inaction. What united us was that Pandemic Action Ambassadors are people who care, people who are willing to stand up and speak up about the urgency of ending the COVID crisis, building systems at every level to prepare humanity for future health threats, and learning the lessons of this pandemic.