Advancing pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response requires collective action from stakeholders on many fronts. Learn about our initiatives to fill policy and advocacy gaps and drive the action we need to end this crisis and prevent another from happening again.

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    Pandemic Action Ambassadors

    COVID-19 showed that leaders needed personal reasons to act and our voices are key to driving the progress we so desperately need. We amplified the voices of people around the world to end the COVID-19 crisis and advance pandemic preparedness.

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    From the Frontline

    In summer 2021, Pandemic Action Network partners conducted a study to learn what U.S. doctors and nurses needed to feel more prepared for this pandemic and the next.

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    Vaccine Education

    Improving COVID-19 vaccine confidence has required action by diverse stakeholders across the world to advance vaccine equity and ensure that access to vaccines actually leads to vaccination. We actively prioritize the role of vaccine education in COVID-19 response policy and advocacy.

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    COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa

    In June 2020, partners came together with the goal of equipping and protecting community health workers in Africa by developing the COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa (CAF-Africa).

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    Mask Behavior

    At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, before any promise of a vaccine, we were early catalysts for the most effective intervention at hand: mask-wearing. We continue to promote consistent mask-wearing behavior and policies to stop the spread of COVID and protect the most vulnerable.