Driving Regional and Global Advocacy to Advance Africa’s New Public Health Order

Under the theme Driving Regional and Global Advocacy to Advance Africa’s New Public Health Order, Pandemic Action Network will introduce Resilience Action Network Africa (RANA) on the margins of the third International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA). Join us for this special in-person panel and reception on Wednesday, Nov. 29 from 18:00-21:00 CAT in Lusaka, Zambia. Please confirm your attendance below to this limited-space event. 

The event will explore key priorities for building pandemic-resilient systems, leveraging Africa CDC’s New Public Health Order, ensuring community priorities connect with regional and global resilience agendas, and elevating opportunities for collective African CSO advocacy. Africa CDC Director General H.E. Dr. Jean Kaseya will join the reception as our featured keynote speaker. At the event, we will:

– Present PAN and RANA’s shared vision to advance networked advocacy

– Build broad consensus and buy-in on the key priorities for achieving aspirations in the New Public Health Order at the national and regional levels among stakeholders

– Explore the critical role stakeholders, including communities, play in implementing the New Public Health Order

RANA has been established as an independent, African CSO advocacy network that will work with partners across Africa at the national and regional level on the resilience agenda. RANA will work with and build on the Pandemic Action Network’s success over the past three years on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response and work towards the achievement of the African Union’s New Public Health Order. As with Pandemic Action Network, RANA is seeking a whole-of-society approach to pandemic issues — and to work out where we can collaborate with advocates working on other issue areas. Partners will include networks from across the resilience agenda including gender, climate, finance, food systems, health and nature. Our mission remains focused on our shared objectives — and at the global level, we will work in close partnership to increase the impact of Africa’s voice and improve the lives of African people. 

We hope you will join us. Please confirm your attendance as space is limited.