100+ Orgs Call on Global Leaders to Commit to an Ambitious, Targeted Agenda for Pandemic Action

Sept. 13 – Agenda for Action

Pandemic threats are increasing in frequency and severity, posing an existential threat to the global economy, achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, and the collective security and survival of humanity. 

Pandemic Action Network is proud to be joined by over 100 organizations in an open letter to global leaders and ministers calling for them to commit to an agenda for action at the 2023 UN High-Level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (Pandemic PPR) and over the coming year.

Together, we must bring new urgency and political resolve to prevent the next pandemic crisis and then report progress at the next UN General Assembly in September 2024 on these actions:  

  • Elevate, facilitate, and sustain political leadership on pandemic PPR as an urgent global, regional, and national priority, taking a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach to ensure vigilance, and implement a set of robust and independent pandemic PPR monitoring and accountability mechanisms.
  • Reach consensus on both a Pandemic Accord and a global, standing platform to ensure timely, equitable, and affordable universal access to and delivery of pandemic countermeasures.
  • Commit to secure the additional, long-term financing needed to close critical pandemic PPR funding gaps including US$10.5 billion annually to the Pandemic Fund and a fully and sustainably financed pandemic countermeasure platform ready with surge financing. 
  • Accelerate multisectoral pandemic PPR approaches and investments to build better prepared cross-government systems, as well as “always on” end-to-end public health and life science ecosystems.

Take action!