Joint Piece: World Leaders’ Must-Do List in 2024: Next Steps to Secure Pandemic Financing

World Leaders’ Must-Do List in 2024 Next Steps to Secure Pandemic Financing (1)

Pandemic Action Network co-hosted a virtual discussion to map out the next steps for the pandemic financing agenda, and identify some specific and meaningful areas for policy and political action alongside the Center for Global Development, Ginkgo Bioworks, and the Centre for Disaster Protection. 

Political leaders and publics are understandably keen to put pandemics in the rearview mirror and focus on other issues after years of compounding crises. Yet, the evidence is blinking red that delaying action to improve pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response will only increase the risk of catastrophic losses — in lives and economies — given the very high likelihood of another COVID-severe pandemic in our lifetime. The co-authored piece captures key points from the jointly-hosted Feb. 7 What’s Next for the Pandemic Financing Agenda event and lays out an agenda for action on pandemic financing in 2024 for world leaders.

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