No Time to Hesitate! World Leaders Must Include Pandemic Clauses in Lending Agreements

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The scale and speed of the economic impact of COVID-19 on low and middle-income countries was dramatic. World leaders have an opportunity to advance a concrete and tested measure for improved pandemic preparedness, before the next pandemic strikes.

This is why 20 organizations from across the world are calling on the parties to the Summit for a New Global Financial Pact — taking place on June 22-23 in Paris — and those involved in Multilateral Development Bank reform to ensure that pandemic debt suspension clauses be included in new country lending agreements.

Building on the Bridgetown Initiative, our brief summarizes why these clauses should be prioritized and how they can ensure countries and communities have avenues to quickly access capital when needed for food, shelter, energy, and more to keep communities and whole societies afloat.

Download the Why Pandemic Clauses Should be Included in Lending Agreements brief. Please reach out to Rafael if your organization would like to sign the brief.

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