Time is now! Actions and opportunities G7 and G20 leaders must seize in 2023

g7g20 advocacy letter publication

The world remains dangerously unprepared to prevent and respond to emerging diseases and global health threats — a risky political choice. This is why 46 civil society groups from around the world are calling on G7 and G20 leaders to take action and seize opportunities that ensure every country and community has the tools to stop the spread of COVID-19, prevent and respond to future pandemics, and create a pandemic proof future.

The choices that leaders make at the 2023 G7 and G20 high-level meetings are instrumental in putting the world on track for a safer future. 

In 2023, G7 and G20 leaders must: 

  • Make global decision making structures fit for purpose 
  • Fully fund the Pandemic Fund and commit to a sustainable capitalization plan for the ensuing years
  • Prioritize action on pandemic threats along with climate action for additional financing through World Bank and multilateral development bank reforms
  • Commit to a new approach for a future pandemic countermeasures platform
  • Ensure head of government-level political ownership and accountability for the pandemic preparedness and response agenda
  • Advance the 100 Days Plus Mission by funding the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) 2.0, FIND, and public health institutes
  • Join up efforts to strengthen climate and pandemic resilience and improve health outcomes in an agenda for action and investment
  • Advance WHO sustainable financing

Outbreaks can be prevented and new pathogens can be contained, but ongoing pandemics are a political choice.

Read the full letter. If your organization would like to sign the letter, please reach out to Aminata.