Advocates Hail Bipartisan Senate Push to Urge Americans to Wear Masks in Public to Slow Spread of COVID-19

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Toomey-Bennet Resolution, World Mask Week reinforce importance to #WearAMask


August 13, 2020, Washington, DC —The Federation of American Scientists and the Pandemic Action Network today lauded a bipartisan resolution led by US Senators Patrick Toomey (R-PA) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) to urge Americans to wear a mask when they are out in public. The announcement comes as the two groups have joined with the Centers for Disease Control, CDC Foundation, WHO, and 40+ partner organizations to launch World Mask Week from August 7-14 to increase the use of face coverings in public across the globe.

“We commend Senators Toomey and Bennet and their co-sponsors for their leadership in sending this critical message to the American people,” said Dr. Ali Nouri, President, Federation of American Scientists. “The evidence on mask wearing is clear – together with hand washing and physical distancing, it is one of the best tools we have to help slow the spread of COVID-19.”

“Wearing a mask should not be controversial. Study after study affirms that wearing a mask reduces the spread of coronavirus,” said Senator Pat Toomey. “As our economy continues to reopen and until a vaccine is available, wearing a face mask when you venture out is the most practical and cost effective manner in which we, as Americans, can do our part to protect one another. Please, for the benefit of your neighbors, friends, and those who live in your community, wear a mask. I thank the Pandemic Action Network for their continued advocacy on this important issue.”

“As COVID-19 continues to spread, this is a time for every American to take personal responsibility by wearing a mask in public,” said Senator Michael Bennet. “Mask wearing is an easy and inexpensive way for every American to do their part in the fight against this virus. The science is clear that wearing a mask significantly limits the transmission of the virus and helps keep those around you and your community safe. I’m grateful for the Pandemic Action Network’s support of my resolution with Senator Toomey urging mask wearing and for their work to advance this effort in the United States and around the world.”

“The Toomey-Bennet resolution reinforces our core message of World Mask Week: Wearing a mask saves lives,” said Carolyn Reynolds, Co-Founder of the Pandemic Action Network. “It is critical that all of our elected leaders deliver clear and consistent messages and public policies on this, and I urge every member of the US Senate to follow their lead and show Americans that this is not a partisan issue.”

Americans can show their support for World Mask Week by sharing a statement, picture or video on social media, tagged with #WorldMaskWeek and #WearAMask. Visit for more.

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