Pandemic Action Network Applauds President Biden’s $250 Million U.S. Contribution to the Pandemic Fund at G7 Summit, Urges Other G7 Leaders to Match

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“Pandemic Action Network applauds today’s announcement of an additional U.S. pledge to the Pandemic Fund of US$250 million, bringing the total U.S. contribution to US$700 million to date. Together with a US$500 million request to Congress for FY24, the U.S. is leading the world to begin to close the estimated annual global funding gap of at least $10 billion to prepare to prevent the next pandemic. We urge and challenge all G7 leaders meeting this weekend in Hiroshima to commit to match President Biden’s contribution to the Pandemic Fund, and agree on a plan for full and sustainable funding.

“If all G7 nations make the same commitment as the United States, then the Pandemic Fund could already be halfway to its goal. Pandemics pose a growing threat to humanity and to the global economy, so all nations — and particularly the wealthiest nations — must step up urgently and share in this collective effort to pandemic-proof the world.”